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Edv Organisation Peterschinegg Gesmgh About Peterschinegg GesmbH


The Beginning:

Ms. Hilde Peterschinegg, started the company in 1981 doing individual software programming on CP/M 86 and selling the first standard software packages for PCs like Wordstar, Fortran, Cobol and dbase.
Two years later she received a phone call from a customer who told her about a new product called AutoCAD that he had heard of and wanted to buy, but didn´t know where. So Ms. Peterschinegg  took the train to Munich to attend one of the first Software Tradeshows and met Mr. Künzli, one of the European co-founders of Autodesk. After a short discussion she came home with the first European Autodesk Distribution Agreement for Austria. 

In 1986 Peterschinegg GesmbH became the first exclusive Distributor for Microsoft Products in Austria.
In 1994 the decision was made to give up the Distribution Business as times and the requirements for the distribution business had changed and our business goal was not to be a simple box mover.
All the knowledge and expertise built within our company over the previous 10 years and the partnership with several Autodesk Application Developers gave us the chance to build up a stable end-user business within two years, and that is what we have been doing since then.
What we do today:

Today Peterschinegg GesmbH is one of the leading Autodesk Gold Partners in Austria, selling all Autodesk products to architectural, GIS, infrastructure and media and entertainment customers and providing a large variety of services. 
Additionally, we still help to develop and sell applications based on Autodesk products for various areas such as civil engineering, landscaping and GIS.
We are very proud to be the main supplier for Autodesk Products for many governmental institutions and many of the biggest industrial companies in Austria. However, we also concentrate on small and mid-size engineering companies which are definitely the base of our success.
The Peterschinegg Group of Companies

During the 1990s Peterschinegg GesmbH started several Joint Venture companies in the former eastern block countries like the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Russia. Most of these companies were taken over by the local partners after around 5 years, but we always stayed in close contact with these companies.
By that time Peterschinegg GesmbH also started several co operations with companies in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia to help develop and sell AutoCAD based civil engineering applications like Plateia, Aquaterra, Urbano and several others for the European market.
As large companies today use many different Autodesk Products and also have subsidiaries in many different countries, we decided to position Peterschinegg GesmbH as a global Central European Autodesk partner with a large product portfolio and local offices close to the end customers.  Also being a large volume partner for Autodesk, gives us the opportunity to offer “best price” and “best service” to all our customers.
Therefore the idea for the Peterschinegg Group of Companies was born in 2013. To expand the business outside of Austria we started talks with our former joint venture partners and development partners in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria.
Outside of Austria the Peterschinegg Group of Companies already has offices in:
  • Czech Republic: K-DATA - Prague & Teplice
  • Slovakia: K-DATA - Bratislava
  • Slovenia: CGS - Ljublijana
  • Bulgaria:  Kanisco - Sofia
With several other partners thinking about joining the group in the near future.
As the Peterschinegg Group of Companies is an Autodesk Gold Partner itself, this also applies to all subsidiaries in the different countries with
  • Fair and consistent buying conditions from Autodesk
  • Extended technical support from Autodesk
  • Large product portfolio (AEC, Civil, GIS, Mechanical and Media & Entertainment)
  • Access to all Autodesk customer records also for their subsidiaries in other countries
  • Internal technical support from other group members
  • And more….
Of course all our customers benefit from these advantages in Central Europe no matter where they are and which Autodesk products they use.
In 2015 the Peterschinegg Group of Companies was among the TOP 20 AEC Partners in EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) and these 20 partners are responsible for around 75% of the overall Autodesk Business in the AEC market.
Our clients