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Advance Design is specifically designed for industry professionals that require a superior solution for the structural analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete,
Steel and Timber structures according to the latest versions of Eurocodes and North American codes.
Advance Design features include easy modelling, a powerful FEM analysis engine,top-level design wizards, automated post-processing of results and automated detailed reports. Achieve a new level of computer-assisted engineering with Advance Design!

International codes

Internationalization is a major theme of Advance Design with the integration of the American and Canadian design codes for steel and concrete.
It also includes several national appendices to the latest version of Eurocodes,notably EC1 for actions and combinations, EC2 for reinforced concrete design
including cracking analysis, EC3 for dimensioning steel sections and connections, EC5 for timber members design including fire verification, EC8 for seismic


Concrete / Steel / Timber design
With Advance Design, you can handle concrete, steel and timber members design all within the same application and produce design reports
automatically detailed according to the selected design code.Advance Design provides high-end tools to dramatically reduce the time
required to model complex projects: users can create several design templates, which can be saved into a library, and optimize work ratios and
global quantities in an efficient way…
The software automates several complex design checks: punching verification, capacity design check, fire verification on concrete, steel and
timber members, drift verification under seismic loading…
With Advance Design, get high-end software for simulating and optimizing all your projects!



Result Memory technology
When a graphical view is stored in memory, Advance Design not only saves the current image, but also the full context that generated this image: angle
view, zoom, filter of displayed elements, colors and display settings, nature of results, selected load cases and combinations, units…
Using this technology, the saved views may be inserted in a design report, whose global content (current assumptions, graphical views) may also be stored
in memory. During each calculation, Advance Design automatically recreates all the graphical views and rewrites the design report using the specified criteria.



Advance Design provides an intelligent and extremely powerful report builder.It creates the content pertaining to the model by filtering available assumptions
and results.You can create reports with your requirements and include:
  • Assumptions
  • Graphs or drawings with ID numbers
  • Results in tabular or graphical format
  • A cover page with an index table and revision dates table
  • A summary and automatic page numbering.
The automated integration of external files (e.g. recall of conventions) and the use of Microsoft Word® templates enable the use of your graphical layout.
And with the “Result Memory” technology, the entire content is systematically updated.
With Advance Design, create clear and efficient reports in a matter of minutes!


Rapidly Model A Structure And Its Loading

The software has a complete library for structural elements, supports and loads.These easily customizable elements adapt to all situations: numerical eccentricities,
braces, ties…The CAD has advanced functions that are simple and adapted to modelling for structural analysis. For example, by indicating the presence of levels, Advance
Design automatically places elements inside the selected level. In this mode, a wall is created with 2 clicks!
For loading, the generation of climatic and seismic actions is also automated. The “loadcase family” concept completely automates the creation of combinations.
Once the model is finished, Advance Design checks its integrity. If no errors are found... Your model is ready for analysis!

Structural Analysis To Design 2 In One Click! 
The Advance Design calculation sequence automatically links the meshing, calculation and design (reinforced concrete / steelwork / timber). With advanced
features, the scientific components of Advance Design facilitate the updates of your project:
  • Meshing controlled through global and local parameters (e.g., progressive meshing along an element), using geometric elements (e.g., points, lines, surfaces) to impose specific boundary conditions. Static and dynamic calculation, linear and non-linear analysis, large displacements, generalized buckling, time history analysis, etc.
  • Calculation of theoretical and real reinforcement of reinforced concrete elements, interaction curves on any sections, reinforcement ratio estimates,cracking analysis, etc.
  • Verification of buckling, lateral-torsional buckling and deflections of steel elements, optimization of profiles, design of connections, etc.
  • Timber member design according EC5 including optimization, fire verification and detailed reports.

Results Post-Processing : 3 Avoid Repetive Tasks!
All of our analyses proves that the majority of your time is spent on results postprocessing, calculations and creation of the final design report.
The post-processing of all results (finite elements, reinforced concrete, steelwork) within an integrated environment facilitates the comprehension of the model
operation and the creation of complete and coherent documents.
In addition, Advance Design provides a revolutionary solution for automation! With its “Result Memory” technology, you no longer have to take screen captures or
recreate reports... Advance Design takes care of everything! Would you like to enhance your study and facilitate its comprehension by your
partners? Place several cameras around the structure and send your partners a video (AVI format) of the deformed structure!

BIM Technology 
Advance Design is part of the GRAITEC Advance Structural BIM solution for construction professionals and the created 3D model is bi-directionally linked
with the following CAD software: Advance Steel, Advance Concrete and Autodesk Revit®.
Advance Design also imports, exports and links your 3D model with industry standards files such as IFC, CIS/2, SDNF, PSS in order to facilitate the exchange
of data in a BIM project environment.

The Structural BIM Suite For Construction Professionals

Better tools, improved workflow, increased productivity...
  • 100% dedicated to Structural Design, Engineering and Detailing.
  • Automatically creates and updates construction and fabrication drawing.
  • FEM analysis and structural optimization.
  • Multi-user environment and integrated document management. 
  • Powerful technology, easy to use, short learning curve.

Service Pack 1 for Advance Design 2016 is available


Advance Design version 2016 brings a series of SP1 bug fixes and improvements, but in addition, it introduces a new functionality: movable Load Generator for shares of traffic at bridges, according to EN 1991-2.
To generate the proper actions of the traffic at the bridges (valid only for Planar element), users can define in ADVANCE Design items that make up the carriageway:
  • One or more traffic lanes
  • The remaining Areas
  • Sidewalk or trail riders
​EN1991-2 defines imposed loads (models and representative values) associated with road traffic, pedestrian actions and loads on remaining areas (outside the lanes), which include when relevant, dynamic effects.​

The Traffic Panel icon enables the user to define the remaining area:


Traffic Loading


Precast Concrete Beams


Minimal system requirements for Advance Design
Operating system
  • Windows 8 - 32 / 64 bit
  • Windows 7 - 32 / 64-bit
  • Windows Vista - 32 / 64-bit
  • TCP/IP Protocol 
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or later

  • PC with Intel 3rd generation Core i3.0 Processor (or AMD equivalent) 4 GB RAM.
  • According to project size and complexity, additional RAM is highly recommended. 
  • Min. 50 GB free disk space on the hard disk
  • For Advance Design: Windows compatible graphics adapter (512 MB video RAM), with the latest video driver (recommended by the manufacturer), with support for OpenGL and DirectX and with the latest drivers installed (for best performance we don’t recommend onboard graphics cards)
  • 1,200 x 900 display resolution with true color on 19" display or higher
  • Network adapter, DVD Drive, Keyboard, Mouse, USB port
  • Internet connection or an alternate solution for activating the license
Recommended system requirements for Advance Design
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate or Professional - 64-bit.
  • 3rd generation Core i5 Processor (or AMD equivalent) or higher 12 GB RAM
  • According to the project size and complexity, additional RAM might be required. 
  • 50 GB free space on HDD or more
  • 1680 x 1050 display resolution with true color on a 22” screen or higher
  • Windows and AutoCAD® compatible printer or plotter