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Visualize and optimize your factory designs

Factory Design Suite lets you conceptualize, plan, and validate manufacturing facilities for optimized workflows and equipment placement.

Overview video

Watch overview video (2:46 min.)

See what you can do:


Video: AutoCAD user AutoCAD user:

Use the AutoCAD built for layout design
  • Expedite designs with automated workflows.
  • Continue building on AutoCAD skills.
  • Generate in-sync 2D and 3D digital factory layouts.
Save time with 1-click workflows
  • Design more quickly with a library of digital factory content.
  • Easily search, modify, and reuse content.
  • Publish your own frequently used assets to the cloud.
Explore exclusive AutoCAD functionality
  • Analyze material flow directly in AutoCAD.
  • Optimize machine utilization and energy consumption.
  • Publish assets with multiple variants.

(Video: 1:19 min.)
Video: Facilities layout designer

Facilities layout designer:

Design facility layouts in AutoCAD

  • Access a library of architectural elements.
  • Design the whole manufacturing facility.
  • Keep 2D and 3D data in sync.

Visualize large facility layouts

  • Aggregate layouts and machinery
  • Combine data from various CAD systems
  • Create a digital factory model anyone can review

Use a laser scanner and detect clashes

  • Record any configuration.
  • Detect interferences easily.
  • Reduce errors tied to manual workflows.

(Video: 1:43 min.)

Video: Mechanical/Systems Engineer

Mechanical/Systems Engineer:

Design large complex assemblies

  • Work with integrated simulation tools.
  • Use automation tools to design faster.
  • Share assets in the cloud.

Create custom assets

  • Author and publish smart assets.
  • Define landing surfaces and connectors.
  • Keep 2D and 3D models in sync.

Detect interferences early

  • Use clash detection tools.
  • Inspect, identify, and report interference.
  • Integrate point cloud workflows.

(Video: 1:43 min.)

Video: Sales engineer/marketeer Sales engineer/marketeer:

Win bids with interactive 3D presentations
  • Turn CAD data into compelling imagery.
  • Improve the review process for designs.
  • Explain your designs more clearly to nontechnical stakeholders.
Bid profitably and meet tight deadlines
  • Build 3D models from 2D drawings.
  • Test multiple layout scenarios.
  • Streamline projects using third-party CAD data. 
Communicate design intent
  • Demonstrate operation of layout designs.
  • Produce cinematic-quality animations.
  • Present your layout designs in motion.

(Video: 1:03 min.)
See what your company can do:


Video: Manufacturers and factory owners Manufacturers and factory owners:

Analyze for clashes and space restraints
  • Perform an analysis before you install any equipment.
  • Minimize risks with clash detection tools.
  • Simulate the installation sequence of equipment.
Streamline factory layouts
  • Streamline manufacturing operations.
  • Improve manufacturing flexibility.
  • Analyze material flow and energy consumption.
Maximize production lines
  • Find the most efficient footprint possible.
  • Use modern workflows and point clouds.
  • Integrate point cloud workflows.

(Video: 2:41 min.)
Video: Machine and equipment builders

Machine and equipment builders:

Share assets with colleagues and clients

  • Create custom 3D content for factory layouts.
  • Publish, share, and manage assets in the cloud.
  • Protect intellectual property when sharing designs.

Design equipment and machine line layouts

  • Use the industry’s best mechanical design tools.
  • Save time with interoperable layout workflows.
  • Create, modify, and reuse digital models of equipment.
See your factory layout in action
  • Show how your designs integrate with the facility.
  • Share assets online with your sales team.
  • Develop convincing, interactive 3D materials.

(Video: 2:18 min.)

Video: Engineering service providers

Engineering service providers:

Produce more compelling 3D sales tools

  • Help nontechnical stakeholders understand design intent.
  • Impress clients with photorealistic visualizations.
  • Enhance communication with a 3D environment.

Streamline design of bidding proposals

  • Quickly iterate in a 3D visual layout environment.
  • Accommodate changing customer requests.

See your digital factory layout in action

  • Improve the factory design review process.
  • Accelerate the presales design process.

(Video: 2:46 min.)

Optimize and present digital factory layouts

See how the Factory Design Suite combines factory-specific design, visualization, and analysis tools with interoperable, cloud-based workflows. Help improve efficiency, accuracy, and communication with Factory Design Suite.

Facility layout design with AutoCAD


Video: Snap to command during Reposition Snap to command during Reposition

Reference existing geometries for easier asset alignment.

(Video: 0:25 sec.)
Video: Connectors for AutoCAD assets

Connectors for AutoCAD assets

Marker representation of connector points in AutoCAD.

(Video: 0:29 sec.)

Video: Associate 3D models with AutoCAD assets

Associate 3D models with AutoCAD assets

Easily replace 2D assets with 3D versions.

(Video: 0:29 sec.)

Video: Asset replacement Asset replacement

Conceptualize and design your layout.

(Video: 2:09 min.)
Video: Asset parameters in AutoCAD

Asset parameters in AutoCAD

Support for asset parameters in AutoCAD.

(Video: 1:47 min.)

Video: Advanced AutoCAD workflows for facility layout

Advanced AutoCAD workflows for facility layout

Improve accuracy with 1:1 AutoCAD associativity.

(Video: 1:19 min.)

Video: Expedite designs with a library of assets Expedite designs with a library of assets

Use AutoCAD assets to assess layout options.

(Video: 1:18 min.)
Video: Reserve space with asset chaining workflows

Reserve space with asset chaining workflows

Generate customized 3D asset chains.

(Video: 1:06 min.)

Video: Analyze facility layouts directly in AutoCAD

Analyze facility layouts directly in AutoCAD

Evaluate scenarios and improve factory efficiency.

(Video: 1:29 min.)


Factory planning, visualization & analysis


Video: Reality capture support updates Reality capture support updates

Improved synchronization of point cloud data sets.

(Video: 1:28 min.)
Video: Combine and visualize large facility layouts

Combine and visualize large facility layouts

Ease factory planning with a digital model.

(Video: 1:44 min.)

Video: Early interference detection

Early interference detection

Analyze clashes to reduce installation risks.

(Video: 1:10 min.)

Video: Dynamic presentations from CAD data Dynamic presentations from CAD data

Transform data into realistic imagery and movies.

(Video: 0:57 sec.)
Video: 3D animation for communicating design intent

3D animation for communicating design intent

Produce stunning facility animations.

(Video: 1:03 min.)

Video: Simulate installation sequences

Simulate installation sequences

Simulate construction schedules in 5D.

(Video: 1:14 min.)

Video: Efficient capture of the as-built state Efficient capture of the as-built state

Shorten measurement time with point cloud scans.

(Video: 1:13 min.)
Video: Point cloud workflows

Point cloud workflows

Align, orient, and crop point clouds.

(Video: 1:29 min.)

Video: Vault integration with FDS

Vault integration with FDS

Open layouts and assets directly from Vault.

(Video: 1:13 min.)

Video: Efficient design of large, complex assemblies Efficient design of large, complex assemblies

Digitally simulate factory equipment.

(Video: 1:36 min.)
Virtually infinite computational power

Virtually infinite computational power

Perform complex calculations and reduce solve time.

Factory bill of equipment

Factory bill of equipment

Generate a 1-click factory bill of materials (BOM).

Video: Enhanced process analysis and optimization Enhanced process analysis and optimization

Process Analysis 360 identifies bottlenecks.

(Video: 1:58 min.)
Video: Point cloud management tools

Point cloud management tools

Use Inventor point cloud tools more easily.

(Video: 1:21 min.)

3D factory layout design


Video: Associative 2D and 3D workflows Associative 2D and 3D workflows

Improve accuracy with 1:1 interactivity.

(Video: 1:19 min.)
Video: Digitally test 3D factory models

Digitally test 3D factory models

Find optimal layout solutions.

(Video: 1:25 min.)

Video: Large library of smart 3D assets

Large library of smart 3D assets

Expedite designs with an extensive asset library.

(Video: 1:15 min.)

Video: Connector tools for factory assets Connector tools for factory assets

Improved control for connection point functionality.

(Video: 0:34 sec.)
Video: View FactoryCAD drawings

View FactoryCAD drawings

Efficiently reuse FactoryCAD models.

(Video: 0:59 sec.)

Revit interoperability

Revit interoperability

Simplify factory projects and reduce costs.

Factory asset creation & management


Video: Streamlined asset migration Streamlined asset migration

Convert blocks into factory assets.

(Video: 0:52 sec.)
Video: Flexible asset properties

Flexible asset properties

Augment assets with manufacturing information.

(Video: 0:52 sec.)

Video: Vault enhancements

Vault enhancements

Flexible, enhanced storage and query capabilities.

(Video: 1:47 min.)

Video: Large factory asset library Large factory asset library

Build layouts using a library of factory equipment.

(Video: 1:13 min.)
Video: Asset publishing and sharing

Asset publishing and sharing

Create, publish, and share assets to the cloud.

(Video: 1:42 min.)

Video: Create assets from AutoCAD blocks

Create assets from AutoCAD blocks

Use legacy AutoCAD blocks in current designs.

(Video: 1:03 min.)

Video: Custom assets for layouts Custom assets for layouts

Publish assets with built-in intelligence.

(Video: 1:15 min.)
Video: Multiple variant asset publishing

Multiple variant asset publishing

Eliminate invalid asset mistakes.

(Video: 1:08 min.)

System requirements for Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2017
Operating System ¹
  • 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 10
  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows 8.1 with Update KB2919355
  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
CPU Type Recommended
Intel® Xeon® E3 or Core i7 or equivalent, 3.0 GHz or greater

64-bit Intel® or AMD, 2 GHz or faster
Memory Recommended
20 GB RAM ¹ or more
250 GB free disk space or more

8 GB RAM for less than 500 part assemblies ¹
100 GB free disk space
Graphics Hardware Recommended
Microsoft® Direct3D 11® capable graphics card or higher ²

Microsoft® Direct3D 10® capable graphics card or higher ²

OpenGL 3.0 or higher is required for Autodesk® ReCap®
Display Resolution 1280 x 1024 or higher.
Recommended scaling: 100%, 125%, 150% or 200%.
Internet Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or later
Third-Party Software Full local install of Microsoft® Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016 for iFeatures, iParts, iAssemblies, thread related commands, clearance/threaded hole creation, Global BOM, Parts Lists, Revision Tables, spreadsheet-driven designs, Studio animation of Positional Representations and Factory related commands. Excel Starter®, Online Office 365® and OpenOffice® are not supported.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or later
Pointing Device Microsoft Mouse-compliant pointing device
Media USB 3.0
Network Internet connection




  1. Autodesk recommends settings which allow Microsoft Windows to manage virtual memory as needed. There should always be at least twice as much free hard disk space as system memory (RAM).
  2. Please refer to the Autodesk Certified Hardware.