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Urbano Geo Overview



Key Features

Cross sections

You can create dynamic cross sections that include terrain features and all infrastructure networks. Cross sections are based on configurations and are automatically refreshed on any change in layout or long sections. You can create multiple terrain lines, hatch cut and fill surfaces and add custom object symbols. The calculation of surfaces and volumes is based on the specified terrain lines.


Trench for multiple infrastructure networks

A new tool enables the creation of complex trenches with multiple benching that can accommodate more than one infrastructure network e.g. water, storm, gas, electricity. You can create cross sections and excavation calculations based on the trench settings.


Points and connections

Points can be imported from various sources like .txt files and OLE DB databases. You can create additional points using polar or orthogonal measurements, interpolation, arc intersection or conversion from 3D points and linear objects. Connecting lines can be created in 2D or 3D, as lines or polylines, with different line types and styles. You can create long sections based on any connection line.

Urbano Geo